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Social and Fundraising Events

The ‘new normal’ way of living prevents us from having any form of reasonably sized social gathering at the moment - so very reluctantly, all social and fund raising events have been postponed. But please keep an eye on our website, facebook page and future Newsletter emails, because as soon as things are relaxed I am sure events will happen!
Meanwhile, there is growing concern about our lack of fund-raising and reduced collections with smaller congregational numbers. We encourage all who support us to review their giving and ask our ‘Swallows’ and regular visitors to consider setting up even a small monthly direct debit, to our UK or Spanish accounts, so the chances of still being here when they return is possible. (please see details at the bottom of our services page)

Services this week

Wednesday 4th August 2021

10.30am Eucharist at LB


Sunday  8th August 2021 - Trinity 10

9.30am Eucharist at Calahonda

11.30am Celtic Morning Prayer at Alhaurin

11.30am Eucharist at Los Boliches

To help you prepare for our worship why not look up the readings we will use:

Ephesians 4.25 - 5.2 John6.35,41-51


Wednesday 11th August 2021

10.30am Eucharist at LB