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Prayer Candle Appeal 2020

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What a year it’s been! Christmas and the end of the year are fast approaching. Our celebrations may well be different this year, but it will still be a time when many of us look back and take stock of the events, both happy and sad, of the last twelve months. We may also be looking ahead to the coming New Year with plans for the future. We may feel joy or sorrow, hope or fear depending on our circumstances. Whatever emotions we feel at this time, we can bring them to share with God in prayer.

By popular request we are running our Prayer Candle Appeal again, and for a minimum donation of 5.00€ we will light a candle in one of our Church Centres, and dedicated with a prayer of your choice. You may wish to sponsor a candle in memory of a loved one who has died, or perhaps in thanksgiving for a happier event such as a marriage or the birth of a child or grandchild. Alternatively, you may have a prayer for the future - perhaps for someone known to you, who is in need of prayerful support as they face illness or changes in their life.

The candles will be blessed and dedicated at our services on Sunday 20 December,  and will then be lit at every service throughout Christmas and New Year until Epiphany Sunday on 3 January 2021. A special card will be sent to you or, if you would prefer, to the person who the candle is for, so that you will have a reminder of your prayer at home as well as in Church.
All proceeds from the Prayer Candle Appeal will go towards the Church’s work here in our chaplaincy. If you would like to support the Prayer Candle Appeal, please complete the form  and return it with your donation to Church by Sunday 13 December (this gives time for the Prayer Card to be sent before Christmas and the display cards to be prepared).
Forms are available in Church or drop an email to Fr Nigel – and he will gladly send one to you, or download it here

Download the Prayer Candle Appeal form

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