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Spiritual Growth

The rapid-moving pace of the world in which we live means that frequently we can feel as if we are struggling to keep up with it all. For this reason, it is important to take time for study and reflection on the timeless fonts of Sacred Scripture and the Liturgy to help us as Christians better come to terms with our place - and God's place - in the confusing wonder of creation.

Bible Study ...


Both the coastal and inland groups are meeting via Zoom - please contact the leaders directly for information and they can send you the links to join:

John Sutton
or Caroline

We also have a new page on our website 'Bible Study for Children'.

Advent Reflections.jpg

Advent Reflections


Advent Reflections will take place via Zoom each Friday in December at 4pm.
In the company of some of the Biblical Characters who feature in our readings set for the Season of Advent, we will explore the theme of waiting – something we’re not so good at in our modern culture!

Abraham and Sarah who waited for a child, Isaiah and the prophets who waited for judgement and redemption, John the Baptist whose role was to wait in the wilderness until the prophecies he foretold were realised, Mary whose waiting began in pregnancy and continued as she stood at the foot of the cross.  As we consider the spirituality of waiting - the active doing of nothing – we will find this a way of enhancing our lives and bringing us closer to God and helping us to prepare for Christmas.

Please send an email to Fr Nigel so he can send you the link to join ~ all welcome!

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