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Here we can share poems, reflections, meditations or stories to engage our spirituality.


All of us have different ways of engaging with our spirituality. Whither it is through formal worship, sharing Communion, worshiping through song or through words.

This page gives us the opportunity to offer each other those words of hope and companionship.

It may be that you wish to contribute

or to comment on a contribution by others.

This can be done by sending your words to : .


We will try to update this page within 24 hours of receiving your input.

May this be a blessing to us all.


Shared during Advent 2020...

A Christmas Lullaby


How deep was the love that she felt that night

No baubles, colored tinsel, no bright lights in sight

Just the glo of her loving eyes

as she looks on her holy child

No bright tree with candles no rushing to and fro

Just the peace and the quiet of so many years ago

Take your time, stop to think, what matters,

It’s true

It’s the hope born of love,

a rare gift for you.


How deep was the love that she felt that night,

tho anger and pain, she’d suffered in her plight.

With the hope of the world on her knee,

and the answers to all that will be.

True meaning of Christmas, shines through

so clear,

when we gift, to each other, the things we hold dear,

Sharing love, sharing hope,

Sharing care, warmth and smiles

Born of love, born of Mary,

Jesus Christ,  Holy child.


How deep was the love that she felt that night.



By Pauline

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