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New Pastoral Contact List


31st October 2020
The lockdown period revealed that we don’t have a comprehensive list of our Chaplaincy members with names and contact details, such as phone numbers and/or emails. Like all Churches in the Diocese we have the Electoral Roll, with names and addresses, but that isn’t very useful at times like the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is already an excellent, active, informal networking of care and concern going on throughout the Chaplaincy. But it would be good to have a list of names and telephone numbers to build on that pastoral networking for the future.

Our new Pastoral Contact List with names, ‘phone numbers and emails of our members, will conform to the Data Protection laws - you will have to sign this form, giving permission for us to  keep this information for Pastoral care reasons. The information will be used only by the Chaplain and Ministry Team, under his direction. It will not be used for promoting Chaplaincy events, for example. There is an additional, optional question about your next of kin or someone who lives in Spain, who can be contacted in an emergency, which may be particularly useful if you live alone.

We look forward to receiving your completed forms soon - You can of course, choose not to have your name or contact details on this list ~ but then, please don’t complain if no one get’s in touch….!!

The Chaplaincy Pastoral Contact List forms are available in each church, or you can download it HERE.

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