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Lent 2021

We often think of Lent in rather negative terms - not least because we often try and give something up for the forty days. While giving up chocolate, not eating cream cakes or drinking less alcohol, may benefit our waist line and wallet, that’s not really the point of keeping a good Lent!


We may be facing an uncertain period with many regulations restricting our activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but let us think more positively about the weeks of Lent this year. Lent can be a wonderful time to explore new ways in which we can deepen our faith and friendship with God. So I would like to encourage everyone to try and do something extra during Lent.


Perhaps you may like to make time to read the Bible or to pray about the worship, work and witness of our Chaplaincy, each day. Or join us for one of the Groups or special Services during this time.


This year we will hold much of our Lent activities on-line, so we can keep each other safe with no restrictions on group numbers - we already know from on-line Bible Studies and our Sunday gatherings for fellowship and worship, that Zoom actually works rather well for us!


Let us make this Lent a time of renewal. Not just in our own faith, but by journeying together as a worshipping and witnessing community. It is only then, that others may be inspired to join us.


Fr. Nigel





Ash Wednesday - 17 Februray 2021

10.30am  Zoom Service

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 573 442 0030




Diocesan Zoom Service of Evening Prayer
for Ash Wednesday 7.30pm
Join Zoom Meeting (please Join 10 minutes early)
Meeting ID: 910 5140 7253



Wednesdays in Lent – 7pm

(starting on Wednesday, 24 Feb)

The Prayers of Jesus – A Lent Bible Study Course:


1. The Lord's Prayer  - Matthew 6: 9

2. Garden of Gethsemane  - Matthew 26: 36ff

3. The High Priestly Prayer - John 17

4. Prayer form the Cross (1) - Luke 23: 34

5. Prayer form the cross (2) - Matthew 27: 46


Join this Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 573 442 0030


The course will be led by the Rev’d John Sutton



Thursday’s in Lent -  11.00am

(Starting on Thursday, 25 Feb)

Caring for Creation Course


The human race is facing its greatest challenge: global warming, leading to climate change. This, along with the damage we have done, and are still doing to the environment, God’s wonderful creation, means that we all have to make radical changes to our whole way of life.


Many of us who care about this issue are sometimes understandably quite pessimistic about the future. That’s where faith in God should make a difference. Hope for the future is not the same as being optimistic. Being optimistic suggests always looking on the bright side.  A hope based on faith in God should enable us to open our eyes and see what is actually happening to our planet today, and still believe there is much that we can do, individually and together, with God to guide and strengthen us.

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic continues to have a big impact on all our lives. It has important lessons to teach us about our life together on this planet, especially when we compare it to the greatest challenge of all to life on earth: climate change. During the Course will consider –


  • The Environment - Focusing on God’s wonderful creation, planet earth, the place of human kind in it, and why it is under threat.

  • Global Warming & Climate Change - Some facts and figures about climate change, and why faith in a Creator God should give us hope.

  • The Age of Humans - How we human beings with our god-like powers can still undo some of the terrible damage we have done and are doing to our planet.

  • Coming out of Denial & Facing Crisis - Many of us find it hard to face up to the reality of climate change, and make the necessary changes to our ifestyle. We need to understand why this is so, and how our faith can help us.

  • Faith, Hope & Love - We urgently need to be clear about our Christian response to the present crisis: it challenges what we believe; it is also about how we can live in hope, and meet the demands of Christian love.


To get the most out of the course, we encourage you to go on line and order the accompanying Course Booklet – there is a hard copy or on-line version (£3.10)

You will not need the CD or transcript,  as we already have that material to lead the course and will use that on line.


Join this Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 573 442 0030


The course will be led by Caroline & Fr Nigel




Fridays in Lent – 5.30pm

(Starting on Friday, 19 Feb)

Compline with Devotional Address

This short Zoom gathering is about rounding off the day using the ancient evening Office of Prayer, with a short time of reflection on our Lord’s Way of the Cross.


Join this Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 573 442 0030




What about having a Lent Spiritual MOT?


This year we are also inviting you to take part in our Lent Spiritual MOT programme with a member of our Ministry Team. Come and have a chat with either Rev’d John Sutton, Caroline or Fr Nigel, about your friendship with God – you may want to chat about how your Prayer life is going during this uncertain time, or how you approach reading the Bible, or how you find worship. This is not a time of confession, spiritual direction or anything formal. It’s just simply a time to have a ‘soul friend’, as we listen to whatever you may want to share - in complete confidence, of course. Just remember, we don’t promise to have all the answers to any questions you may ask!


We hope that by simply chatting in this way, our friendship with God may be renewed, and we can deepen that sense of God being with us on our journey of faith. Chats can be on-line via Zoom, WhatsApp or phone – John, Caroline and Nigel look forward to hearing from you to arrange a suitable time to chat:


Caroline -    697 867 377

John Sutton -

Nigel –      608 403 024


Our Lent Appeal

Debra - Piel Mariposa   (Butterfly Skin )


A Butterfly skin is very delicate, as anyone who has accidentally touched a Butterfly wing knows; the wing can easily break rendering the beautiful insect unable to fly.


Sadly, there are currently 306 children in Spain who suffer from a similar, rare genetic condition; their skin breaks easily, leaving open sores with a high risk of infection. The medical name for this disorder is: Epidermollosis bullosa. However,  there is a charity working to bring relief and support to children and their families affected by this tragic condition.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, this Marbella based charity has suffered from a massive drop in donations - 80% to be exact, - meaning the care team which provides this support has been tightly stretched. The team is made up of two psychologists, five nurses and three social workers who have to travel the length and breadth of Spain to visit the families. They work through hospitals and are able to advise and support families right from birth, but you can imagine how difficult this has been throughout the Covid pandemic.


Debra - Piel Mariposa -  (Debra - Butterfly Skin ) is the only charity in the country to support families living with this disease. The charity has a shop in Marbella, selling new and second hand goods and gifts, but limited movement through lockdown has meant the fund raising has been severely affected. 


For more information and to see how the children are affected, please search: and consider how much you would like to give to support this worthwhile organisation. There will be retiring collections once we’re back in Church to support the work of this charity.

Thank you.

Debra Appeal.jpg
Cross scribble.jpg

Lent is a solemn time, but it is not meant to be a miserable one...

We may keep before us one of the most comforting

and encouraging sayings of Jesus:

‘I came that they might have life and have it abundantly.’   


(Raymond Chapman)

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