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We are all blessed in many ways, often ways that we do not realise.


We are challenged during this Advent to reflect on those blessings and at the same time raise some much needed funds for our Chaplaincy.


Each day there will be a different challenge, (see below) and you are asked to put the relevant number of coins into an envelope. It is up to you what coins you donate, but hopefully our giving will be a symbol of how grateful we are for the blessings we receive.


Please bring your envelope to a service after Christmas

1. As we look forward to the coming of Christ’s light at Christmas.

Donate a coin for each light fitting in your home.

2. During recent months we have valued technology to help us keep in touch with loved ones. Donate a coin for every computer, ipad phone etc in your home.

3. There was no room at the Inn. We are blessed with a warm dry home.

Donate a coin for every bed in your home.

4. The Prophets foretold the good news of the coming of Christ.

Donate a coin for every piece of good news you have heard this week.

5. Many folk may be confined to their homes this Christmas so we need to decorate them to bring us joy.
Donate a coin for every Christmas tree in your home

(I’m told some folk have more than one!)


6. We read the Christmas story in our bibles.

Donate a coin for every bible in your home.

7. This year people will be separated from loved ones and may spend Christmas alone.

Donate a coin for every family member or friend you will celebrate with this year.

8. John the Baptist wore a coat of camel’s hair.

Donate a coin for every coat you own.

9. The nativity scene always features the animals in the stable.

Donate a coin for every pet in your family.

10. Shops and businesses are struggling this year.

Donate a coin for every shop you visited this week.

11. Advent and Christmas are times when people attend church that might not normally do so.

Donate a coin for every service you hope to attend over Christmas, in person or online.

12. Advent calendars frequently include chocolate.

Donate a coin for each time you have enjoyed chocolate this season.

13. Many people have to walk long distances each day to collect clean water.

Donate a coin for every tap in your home.

14. The themes of Advent are Faithfulness, Hope, Joy, and Love.

Donate a coin for each of these themes.

15. Many people will go hungry this Christmas.

Donate a coin for every mince pie or Christmas dinner you have already enjoyed.

16. The wise men brought gifts to the baby Jesus.

Donate one coin for each gift you have bought this year.

17. Even in sunny Spain it gets cold at night in the winter.

Donate a coin for every hat or scarf you own.

18. Christmas cards, although less popular, are still a way of sending greetings.

Donate a coin for every card you sent this year.

19. We can not enjoy Carol Services in the normal way this year.

Donate a coin for every carol you have heard on the radio or in shops this week.


20. Many Children throughout the world do not possess any shoes.

Donate a coin for each pair of shoes that you own.

21. Mary had to give birth without the safety of a hospital.

Donate a coin for each DR/Dentist that cares for you.

22. Each year we enjoy watching Christmas TV Shows.

Donate a coin for every TV in your home.

23. The journey to Nazareth was long and hard.

If you have transport donate a coin for each wheel, if not donate a coin for each journey you made on public transport this week.

24. On this night Jesus was born in a stable.

Give thanks for your home by donating a coin for each room in your house.

Download a PDF of the

Advent Challenge 2020

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